Maggie Bird Mpetyane

Maggie Bird Mpetyane

Maggie Bird Mpetyane

Born: 1973

Language Group: Anmatyerre

Country: Ilkawerne (El-go-an-na), Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Linen

Subjects: Alpar (Rat-Tail Plant) Story, Awelye (Women's Ceremony), Imuna (Bush Food)

Maggie Bird Mpetyane is the eldest daughter of artist Paddy Bird (deceased) and Eileen Bird. Her grandmother is the late Ada Bird Petyarre, a highly respected senior artist from Utopia. Maggie has worked as a teacher's assistant at Akaye School for 7-9 year olds. She likes reading, math's and teaching the English language to the children. In her spare time she enjoys painting with her large extended family at Utopia, as well as hunting for sugar bags, honey ants, goanna and kangaroos.
Mbantua Gallery Collection, Alice Springs, NT
Mbantua Gallery USA exhibitions
My Grandmother and Me, World Vision Walkabout, Sydney, NSW