Dorothy Djukulul

Dorothy Djukulul

Dorothy Djukulul

Born: 1942

Language Group: Ganalbingu

Country: Ramingining, Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Ochres on Bark, Acrylic on Arches Paper

Subjects: Yirritja, Untitled

Dorothy was born at Murrwangi near Mulgurrum, daughter of Nhulmarmar a famous bark painter. Dorothy was influenced in her art by the superintendent at her mission school who encouraged her to paint in the western style. She was also taught by her father and uncle to paint on bark using natural ochres and bush brushes, the old traditional style. Although taught by the men the stories were considered 'men's business' so were not passed onto Dorothy at the time.
Over the years Dorothy married twice, her second husband encouraging her to once again paint. As her father only had one son he was concerned for the longetivity of their tribal stories and he consulted with the elders and obtained permission to pass on the traditional sacred stories of the Ganalbingu to Dorothy. Dorothy has developed her own unique style and her artworks are much admired and sought after.
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