Thomas Stevens

Thomas Stevens

Thomas Stevens

Born: c. 1948

Deceased: 2005

Language Group: Luritja/Pintupi, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara

Country: Areyonga, West of Alice Springs, Northern Territory and Mt Davies, South Australia (South West of Alice Springs, Northern Territory)

Medium: Watercolour on Board, Acrylic on Canvas, Drawing

Subjects: Landscape - Hermannsburg School, Possums, Kangaroo, Untitled Landscape

There is reference in 'The Heritage of Namatjira: The Watercolourists of Central Australia' © book edited by Jane Hardy, JVS Megaw and M Ruth Megaw, to Thomas being the younger brother of Eubia Namatjira, wife of Ewald Namatjira. From the language reference it is possible he grew up at Areyonga, as the families from this region have a strong relation to Pitjanjatjara land. He was active from the early 1980's and painted with Papunya Tula Artists.
Vivienne Johnson, author of 'Aboriginal Artists of the Western Desert' ©, makes reference to Thomas being given the skin name Tjakamarra after he married a woman from Papunya. He was taught to use pen and brush by Ewald Namatjira and became an experienced representational artist in the European style. He illustrated books for the Papunya Literature Production Centre. In 1985, Thomas painted in the Papunya style and produced works that incorporated elements of both traditions of painting. His later work returned to the Hermannsburg watercolour style when he moved into Alice Springs.
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