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Meet Our Creative Aboriginal Artists

Art has the ability to unite us through its boundaryless exploration of our world. There are hundreds of styles and cultures which have influenced art history and it is our aim to promote Aboriginal art and culture in a supportive, authentic way. In the over 25 years that we’ve been working with Aboriginal communities, we’ve built amazing relationships with hundreds of inspiring artists from Utopia, Arnhem Land and other areas of Central Australia.

What makes our Aboriginal artworks special?

With it’s evocative colour schemes, penchant for movement and amazingly intricate detail – Aboriginal art is a uniquely enchanting experience. We have hundreds of amazing artworks in our collection that range from traditional dot paintings to contemporary watercolours and other mediums. Our pieces are influenced by Dreamtime culture and frequently feature traditional Aboriginal symbols.

Each piece is accompanied by an authenticity certificate and a profile of the artist who created it. We’ve been working with traditional communities for many years and strive to celebrate, promote and support our Aboriginal artists and their works. Mbantua Gallery is a member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia and we carefully follow their guidelines for respectful, ethical artwork sales.

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Included in our gallery are multiple artworks from renowned Aboriginal artists such as Polly Ngale, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria Tamerre Petyarre, Minnie Pwerle and Barbara Weir. Browse our artist profiles to learn more about any of their artworks, inspiration and career history.


We have two gallery spaces in Alice Springs and Darwin where you can view our artworks first-hand, or you can browse the complete collections online. If you have any questions regarding our artwork, artists or the communities we work with, feel free to get in touch. Call +61 8 8952 5571 or use our online form.

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