Art by Size

  • 30cm x 30cm

    Here you will find a great selection of small aboriginal artworks that you can display in your home.  Each piece measures 30 x 30cm and although you can just hang one on your walls, why not buy a few paintings to hang together!

  • 60cm or Smaller

    Gorgeous Indigenous artworks of varying sizes but are no bigger than 60cm on one side.  Great for small spaces and well suited for the eclectic among us who like something original and unique!

  • 60cm - 120cm

    A great selection of Aboriginal paintings, medium in size to enliven your favourite room. These original artworks suit most personalities!

  • 120cm - 200cm

    Here are the best large paintings by emerging and established Aboriginal artists. These original abstract artworks will have you wake up with a smile every day!

  • 200cm and Larger

    Now we're getting serious! These extra large paintings are for big walls and a wow factor! Original and unique, these are the best in Aboriginal abstract art!