Gift Certificates

If you're looking for wonderful art as a gift or present for that special occasion a Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery Gift Certificate is the answer. Your friend, family member or colleague can then select something they love from our extensive range of Aboriginal Art.

The Gift Certificate will be emailed to the address provided in the recipient email field. As Mbantua's site email address may not be known to your gift recipient, we highly encourage you to insert your own email address in to this field and forward the gift certificate from there.

If you would prefer, we are also able to mail a copy of your Gift Certificate to your nominated delivery address. You are welcome to include a personalised message with this and we will copy onto a complimentary gift tag. If you choose to have the certificate mailed, please add this instruction under the 'Order Instructions' field in Step 4 at checkout. Please also leave your personalised message here as well.

The Gift Certificate is able to be used both online and in store at either our Alice Springs or Darwin location. To redeem your gift certificate online, enter the number into the box in Step 4 on the checkout page. Your gift certificate amount will then be deducted from your total purchase price. To redeem the certificate in store, please print a copy and bring in when making your purchase.