England Bangala

England Bangala

England Bangala

Born: c. 1925

Deceased: 2001

Language Group: Burarra, Gun-nartpa dialect

Country: Gochin Jiny Jirra (Cadell), Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Medium: Ochre on Bark, Ochres on Arches Paper, Wood Carving, Lithography

Subjects: Untitled

England was a famous Arnhem Land artist who was taught to paint by his father, also a famous bark painter. England was a fully initiated elder of his tribe and foremost recorder on bark and Arches paper of the history and religion of his ancestors.
England's work can be found in major art galleries and museums in Australia and is also featured in authentic art books. He was also a talented performer, singing and dancing in the traditional tribal way.
Niagara Galleries, Melbourne, VIC
AAIA Gallery
(2021) Aboriginal Fine Arts, ""