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Look here to see our small size paintings - 30cm x 30cm and smaller.

Pwerle Sisters Collection

On offer is an opportunity to purchase a collection of 30 x 30cm paintings by the Pwerle sisters: Minnie, Geyla, Emily and Molly.

Normally $2375 - on special for $2000!

You get:

  • Four 30 x 30cm paintings on linen, each one painted by a different sister.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity for each painting.
  • A photo of the artist with their painting.
  • A profile on each artist.

Visit our Pwerle Sister Collection page here to make your purchase!


Want to know more about the artists that we work with? Click on an image below to see that artist's profile.

Authentic Aboriginal Art for Sale across Australia

Mbantua Gallery is an Australian art space with locations in Alice Springs and Darwin. We work closely with Indigenous Australians to help promote their artworks, culture and educate our population on the beauty and versatility of Aboriginal art. We pride ourselves on our genuine connections with the artists and the community of Utopia, where most of our Indigenous art comes from. There are many galleries featuring Aboriginal art for sale in Australia and most, including Mbantua, will provide an authenticity certificate and profile of the artist to help you connect with the individual artist.

As a legacy member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, we are dedicated to upholding the ethics, guidelines for authenticity and fairness that this organisation expects when working with Indigenous artists and others in the community. Browse our site to learn more about our gallery, the Dreamtime culture or traditional symbols in Aboriginal art.


Visit Mbantua Gallery or Buy Online

Visit our Gallery or Buy Online

Since 1992, we’ve built strong relationships with many respected Aboriginal artists whose works are in our gallery.

We are proud to feature artworks from incredible artists such as Polly Ngale, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria Tamerre Petyarre, Minnie Pwerle, and Barbara Weir.

You can buy Indigenous artworks online through our website and have it shipped anywhere in Australia or around the world. We ship unstretched paintings Australia-wide and internationally free of charge. Note: Stretched or framed paintings will incur fees.

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