Bush Tucker


1.Food from animals including kangaroo, emus, wild turkey, rock wallaby, possums, snakes and lizards and anteaters.




2. Food from plants including wild orange, wild passionfruit, wild fig, bush tomato, conkerberry, mistletoe, bush banana and bush coconut, quandongs, pencil yams, mulga apple, bush plums and sultanas.


3. Edible seeds including mulga seeds and wattle seeds.


4. Grubs and insects including witchetty grub, cicadas, caterpillars. Other grubs are found in various tree species such as river red gum, coolibah, ironwood and the prickly wattle.


5. Honey and nectars found in the honey ant, honey from the native bee, nectar from the flowers of the bloodwood and corkwood trees.


6. Water - the search for water in the dry desert conditions was essential for survival. Water could be found in soakages, tree roots and hollows and the very scarce permanent water holes.