Susan Philomac Kngwarreye

Susan Philomac Kngwarreye

Susan Philomac Kngwarreye

Born: c. 1960

Language Group: Alyawarre

Country: Atnwengerrp, Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Subjects: Akarley (Northern Wild Orange), Imuna (Bush Food), Country, Awelye (Women's Ceremony), Women's Story, Bush Medicine, Bush Tucker

Susan has been living between her mother's and father's country north east of Alice Springs. She grew up with a traditional education, learning her songs, stories and dance for her country from the senior women in her community. Today she lives on her mother's country, Atnwengerrp with her very large extended family. Susan began painting for Mbantua Gallery in 1996.
Mbantua Gallery Private Collection, Alice Springs, NT
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