Art by Style

  • Bush Tucker and Plants

    Aboriginal artists share with you the many plants and vegetation of the Australian outback, gathered by the people over many thousands of years traversing Australia.

  • Dot Paintings

    Original Aboriginal dot style art from the Central Australia region. Our artists love to share their beautiful heritage with our visitors. Browse through these paintings to find the one you love.

  • Contemporary Art

    Aboriginal artworks date back tens of thousands of years and are characterised by many more types of art than the dot paintings and vibrant imagery we are familiar with today. Today, we merge the style of traditional Indigenous artworks with an appreciation for beautiful, creative works

  • Country and Landscapes

    The many and varying colours and scenes of the Australian landscape can be seen here in these magnificent artworks.

  • Cross-Hatching

    Traditional style cross hatching art from the Northern region of Australia. Ochre reds and yellows are used to depict the many stories of the Aboriginal people.

  • Fine Lines

    Incredible Aboriginal art paintings depicting an array of flowers and plants by artists through the use of delicate lines.

  • Spiritual Figures

    Come on a journey through the Dreamtime and listen for the stories of the past. Aboriginal artists share with you the spirits and figures of their heritage.

  • Traditional Aboriginal Arts and Symbols

    Traditional Aboriginal symbols illustrate the rich heritage of the Australian desert and are used in artworks, body paint and are often seen during sacred rituals and ceremonies. While the combinations of lines, dots and other markings can appear random to the untrained eye, they are in fact carefully placed in order to tell a story

  • Wildlife

    Australia is home to many unique birds and animals. Through their art the Aboriginal artists share with you their interpretations of the incredible Australian wildlife.