Jimmy Moduk

Jimmy Moduk

Jimmy Moduk

Born: 1942

Language Group: Marrangu

Country: Ramingining, Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Medium: Ochre on Bark, Ochres on Arches Paper

Subjects: Duwa (Honey Story), File Snake, Untitled

Jimmy lived on the mainland in Central Arnhem Land and remembers traveling to Milingimbi for shopping or to sell arts and crafts. As he grew he lived and worked at various jobs and places around Darwin and Arnhem Land before beginning to paint whilst living in Maningrida.
Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove, Glasgow, Scotland
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, SA
Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, WA
Australian Museum, Sydney, NSW
Linden Museum, Stuttgart, Germany
Milingimbi Collection, MECA, Milingimbi Educational and Cultural Association
Museum of Contemporary Art, Ramingining Collection, Sydney, NSW
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT
The Holmes à Court Collection, Perth, WA
Troppen Museum, Children's Museum section, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Artlandish Pty Ltd