Aboriginal Watercolour artist Steven Walbungara

Steven Walbungara

Born: c. 1959

Deceased: 2017

Language Group: Western Arrernte (Aranda)

Country: Hermannsburg (Ntaria), West of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Medium: Watercolour on Board, Acrylic on Canvas

Subjects: Landscape

Steven grew up at Hermannsburg. Both his parents are deceased, but his father was a Warlpiri man and his mother an Anmatyerre woman. His family links to the Ronji family at Hermannsburg. His country is around the Ormiston Gorge area.

Steven sat with artists Titus Renkaraka, Lindberg Inkamala, Arnulf Ebatarinja and Clem Abbott, his cousin. He would watch them paint and they would give him tiny boards to experiment with. Slowly he was taught the Hermannsburg School landscape style of painting.