Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri

Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri

Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri

Born: c. 1980

Deceased: 2009

Language Group: Western Arrernte (Aranda)

Country: Mt. Denison, North West of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Linen

Subjects: Country, Fire Sparks, Dancing Bird Spirits, Sand Hills, Thirsty Lands, Bush Flowers, Imuna (Bush Food), Landscapes, Awelye (Women's Ceremony), Untitled

Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri was a very talented and established aboriginal artist whose paintings are in demand for their unique contemporary style.
Janelle began painting in 2001 when Mbantua Gallery approached her to see if she would like to give it a try. She had always wanted to paint but had been busy raising a family. Being surrounded by the very habitual painting life of her husbands extended family in Utopia in Central Australia, Janelle received much encouraged from other artists when she began, including baby sitting by many of the ladies.
Janelle divided her time between Utopia with her husband's family (Mary Morton, Lucky Morton and Sarah Morton to name a few) and her traditional home land at both Hermannsburg and Papunya in Central Australia. Billy Stockman, who is famed for being one of the original members of the early Papunya Tula aboriginal artists is Janelle's grandfather, which drew an obvious pride in Janelle at the mention of his name.
Janelle's paintings have always been very contemporary in style because she wanted to do something totally different to everyone else. Janelle drew inspiration from a number of places including the landscape and a dream to be a famed artist like her grandfather some day.
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