Utopia Art

  • Art by Artist

    All the artists we work with come from Utopia region in Central Australia. Browse authentic Aboriginal paintings and find out whose style you like the most.

  • Art by Colour

    Browse authentic Aboriginal art and pick your favourite colours. Traditional dot paintings in the shades of the Australian earth or contemporary purples and pinks, we have you covered.

  • Art by Price

    Authentic Aboriginal art under $250 and beautiful collectable pieces for $10 000 and over. Whatever your budget is, we have you covered.

  • Art by Size

    Find an original piece of art in the perfect size for your space. From small contemporary and traditional paintings to the large and extraordinary, let us take you for a trip through the Utopian desert.

  • Art by Style

    Aboriginal art comes in many varying styles, from the traditional use of dots and ochre colours to the more vibrant and contemporary styles. Take a journey through the art with us and find your perfect piece.