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  • Utopia Art

    Mbantua Gallery primarily works with artists from a region of Central Australia known simply as Utopia. There are a great many talented and incredible artists from this region and we would love for you to browse through the amazing range of art we have available by them.

  • New Arrivals

    We're always buying new art from our artists, whether they are bringing their art into us at our gallery or we are driving out to their homeland, Utopia. Here you will continue to find the latest art we have been lucky enough to find and bring to you!

  • Exhibitions

    From time to time Mbantua will host an art exhibition showcasing some of the incredible talent found in the Aboriginal art community. Check back here regulalry to see what's on.

  • Collections

    Currently Mbantua has two incredible collections for you to peruse; the Pwerle Sisters: Minnie, Molly, Emily and Geyla, and the Petyarre Sisters: Ada, Gloria, Jean, Kathleen, Myrtle, Nancy and Violet.

  • Other Art

    Here at Mbantua we also have a large range of other artworks by Aboriginal and other artists, including Wooden Sculptures and Artefacts, Hermannsburg Watercolours, Western Desert and Arnhem Land art, Zebra Stone and much more. Click through to view online or contact us to learn more.