Ahakeye (Bush Plum) Dreaming MB054857-Trinity Bird Mpetyane

Acrylic on Canvas
45 x 45cm
Year Painted


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Ahakeye (Bush Plum) Dreaming MB054857-Trinity Bird Mpetyane

Trinity paints the story of the Ahakeye (Bush Plum). This is a very important story for Trinity that belongs to his country, Ilkawerne. This story, its songs, dances and symbols have been passed down to Trinity from his father. The ahakeye, called bush plum in English by Trinity, is also known as the native currant or citrus. It belongs to the canthium attenuatum shrub which grows about 3m high. This shrub produces small white flowers, deep green citrus-like leaves and the ahakeye, which are black when ripe and very small. This fruit is favoured for its sweet taste and can be reconstituted in water if dry.

Concentric circles, which are traditional symbols, represent the site of this story in Trinity's country, Ilkawerne. Parallel lines protruding from circles represent culture, song and travel lines. 'U' shapes equal men collecting the fruit and telling the Ilkawerne stories, and wavy lines represent Utnea slowly making his way through the country. Utnea is a carpet snake who is king of all the carpet snakes and is the 'boss man' for Ilkawerne country.

Background dotting represents the fruit that have fallen to the ground and other symbols represent sacred men's symbols related to this Dreaming.

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Located at
Mbantua Alice Gallery (MGA)