Julie Pengarte

Born: c. 1970

Language Group: Anmatyerre

Country: Bushy Park, South West of the Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Linen

Subjects: Yerrampe (Honey Ant) Dreaming, Country, Awelye (Women's Ceremony and Body Paint Designs)

Julie is daughter to artist Rosie Pwerle. Her father's country is Bushy Park and this is the country she associates with. It lies between Ti-Tree and Woola Downs, south west of the Utopia Region. A main Dreaming story belonging to this area is that of the Yerrampe (Honey Ant) of which Julie is known to paint. Julie is not a prolific artist and her first paintings for Mbantua Gallery were in 2002.


Mbantua Gallery Permanent Collection, Alice Springs