Animals in Aboriginal Art - The Turtle

Animals in Aboriginal Art - The Turtle

Posted by Mbantua Gallery on 2021 Feb 22nd

Animals in Aboriginal Art — The Turtle

Marine turtles have lived in ocean waters for over 100 million years and are a vital part of the culture and lifestyle of first nations peoples and coastal Indigenous communities across the world. These turtles have a large shell called a carapace, four strong flippers and lungs for breathing air as they are reptiles.

Australia has some of the largest marine turtle nesting areas in the Indo-Pacific region. Of the seven species of marine turtle in the world, six of them are found in Australian waters.

Turtles as Food and Jewellery

Turtles are a favoured food source in Indigenous communities around Australia. They are also an essential element of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Hunting turtles and the preparation as well as sharing of its meat has a great significance and is an expression of the continuance of traditions. The turtle shell has also been historically fashioned into combs and fishhooks.

Due to the significance of turtles in Australian Indigenous communities, they appear as totems and in Dreamtime stories as well as Creation myths. The hunting of these animals is allowed when done sustainably and is managed and controlled by social laws that reflect links between families and totems. These marine creatures demonstrate connection with traditional sea country.

Turtle Representation in Aboriginal Art

The main regions with paintings featuring turtles include:

  • Maningrida, Ramingining and Ngukurr in Arnhemland
  • Tiwi Islands
  • Daly River in NT
  • Torres Strait Islands
  • Cape York Peninsula in Queensland
  • Mowanjum and Broome in the Kimberley

The traditional marks of Arnhemland artists often include turtles that are drawn with fine lines or cross-hatching over their shells. Many paintings also highlight dreamtime stories that feature the turtle—either on its own or as part of a larger narrative. One of the dreamtime stories, is called Wayamba the Turtle: a tale that shows the beginning of Wayamba, the turtle in the creek.

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