3 Things to Consider Before Buying Aboriginal art

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Aboriginal art

Posted by Mbantua Gallery on 2021 Jul 27th

Owning a striking example of genuine Aboriginal art is an exciting prospect, but there are several crucial things to consider before making your purchase. Buyers must remain respectful of the artists and their stories, while you also want to make sure that you’re purchasing a legitimate work of art. Here, we delve into three things art-lovers should reflect upon before buying.

Understand What You’re Buying

Whether you’re making a trip to the Northern Territory or simply want to acquire a standout piece of Aboriginal art for your home, having a thorough understanding of what you’re buying is hugely important. Ranging from vibrant dot paintings to exceptional woven pieces, you should always research the techniques used to create these stunning works and find out which artists are particularly revered. Meanwhile, you should always strive to understand whether the work reflects a culturally significant story to ensure that you’re respectfully educating yourself and others.

Purchase From A Reputable Seller

When looking to purchase Aboriginal art, it’s essential that you research who are the most trustworthy sellers operating in the industry. With many regional art centres and galleries specialising in one Indigenous art form or another, you should always enquire about how the organisation maintains its relationships with the artists producing the work.

Avoid Forgeries

Whether you’re buying Aboriginal art or otherwise, remaining vigilant about the existence of forgeries is always necessary. Although it might be tempting to purchase Aboriginal art from an online retailer such as eBay, these outlets are commonly used by forgers and dishonest sellers to trick people into buying fakes. Instead, look towards organisations with a long history in the Indigenous art market that can back up their claims about the artists and their work.

Choose Mbantua Gallery

Mbantua Gallery is one of Australia’s leading retailers for Aboriginal art. With our history dating back to 1986, we provide customers with an ethical, reliable and authentic way to purchase outstanding examples of Aboriginal art. If you’re ready to buy artwork for your home or business, get in contact with our friendly team to find out how we can facilitate your purchase.