Keenan Bird Jangala

Keenan Bird Jangala

Keenan Bird Jangala

Born: 1999

Language Group: Eastern Anmatyerre

Country: Ilkawerne (El-go-an-na), Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Subjects: Tyankern (Mulga Berries) Dreaming, Ahakeye (Bush Plum) Dreaming, Ntang Artety (Mulga Seed) Dreaming, Utnea (Carpet Snake) Dreaming, Tyankern (Mulga Berries) and Utnea (Carpet Snake) Dreaming, Utnea (Carpet Snake) and Ntang Artety (Mulga Seed) Dreaming

Keenan is a son of artists Kevin Bird and Marie Ryder who have four children together. Keenan began painting for Mbantua Gallery in 2014 when he was fifteen. When he received his first canvases from Mbantua, he was very excited. He said 'I like painting, I would like to do more!'
Keenan's country and stories are passed down from his father's ancestors. His stories are associated with his country, Ilkawerne and Mulga Bore region.