Clifford Tilmouth Pengarte

Clifford Tilmouth Pengarte

Clifford Tilmouth Pengarte

Born: c. 1972

Language Group: Anmatyerre

Country: Atoola (Bushy Park), Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Linen

Subjects: Yerrampe (Honey Ant) Dreaming, Mulga Tree Dreaming, Olden Days Story, Men's Ceremony, Country

Clifford is son of George Tilmouth and Magdalene Marshall. His grandmother is Dorothy (sister of Wendy Kunoth). Clifford is married to Rosemary Bird Mpetyane (daughter of Paddy and Eileen Bird). He commenced painting for Mbantua Gallery in 2001 and paints very traditional men's stories belonging to his country. He loves to teach his stories through his paintings.
Mbantua Gallery Collection, Alice Springs, NT
Mbantua Gallery USA exhibitions