Kevin Bird Mpetyane

Born: 1974

Language Group: Eastern Anmatyerre

Country: Ilkawerne, Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Linen

Subjects: Ahakeye (Bush Plum) Dreaming, Ntang Artety (Mulga Seed) Dreaming, Tyankern (Mulga Berries) Dreaming

Kevin is son of artists Paddy and Eileen Bird, and grandson of well known artist Ada Bird Petyarre. He is married to artist Marie Ryder and they have four children. Kaureen and Keenan also paint for Mbantua Gallery.

Kevin's country and stories are passed down from his father's ancestors. His stories are associated with his country, Ilkawerne, and Mulga Bore region. Lindsay Bird Mpetyane is a well known artist, and is the senior custodian for this country. Kevin calls Lindsay Bird his grandfather.

Kevin began painting for Mbantua Gallery at the end of 2000, and though not prolific, he continues to paint.


Mbantua Gallery Permanent Collection, Alice Springs


2001 Combined Exhibition, Mbantua Gallery, Alice Springs, N.T, Australia
2002 Mbantua Gallery USA exhibitions: New City Merchants, Knoxville, TN; Art and Soul Gallery, Nashville, TN; 'The Cove Gallery' Portland, OR; Urban Wine Works, Portland, OR; Mary's Woods, Portland, OR
2003 Mbantua Gallery USA exhibitions: Art and Soul Gallery, Nashville, TN; 'The Cove Gallery' Portland, OR; Mary's Woods, Portland, OR
2003 Contemporary Aboriginal Art Event, Umpqua Bank in conjunction with Mbantua Gallery, Portland, Oregon USA
2003 Art from the Dreamtime, Portland Art Museum, Portland OR USA

2004 Mbantua Gallery USA exhibition; Portland, Nashville, Knoxville and Hartford