Aboriginal Artist Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula

Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula

Born: c. 1938

Deceased: 2001

Language Group: Pintupi / Luritja

Country: Walungurru Region, West of Alice Springs

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Linen

Subjects: Straightening of the Spears, Women's Story, Mani- Mani, Snake, Bush fire, and Mitukutjarrayi Dreaming.

Turkey Tolson was known as one of the youngest artists of the original group of Papuny Tula artists. Papunya Tula was referred to as 'arguably the most important movement in the history of Australian painting'. It began in March-April 1971, named after its birth place Papunya, by a group of Papunya men and the help of three staff members at the local school. Turkey was enthusiastic to learn the art and was influenced by many of the older artists of the group. He eventually became one of the most well known Australian artists, combining his knowledge of the culture with a new expression.

Turkey's paintings speak his cultural stories through a linear style and dot work, which hides his sacred ancestral designs from the uninitiated. Dreamtime stories that Turkey owns and has painted during his career include the Bush Fire, Emu, Snake, Mani-Mani, Women's Story, Mitukutjarrayi and Straightening of the Spears. Probably the most well known story that Turkey painted was the straightening of the spears. It incorporates the stories of mythological men, camping at a site called Illyingaugau. Turkey would depict the spears being straightened over a fire with straight lines, either linear or dot, and alternating colour. With each of Turkey's paintings, as is evident with many western artists, he incorporates the whole of the story into the simplistic designs on the canvas. Within the paintings are the body paint designs, the dancing, the singing, the ceremony for the story, the ground painting, the sacred sites, the ancient ancestors, the evolution of their culture.

The colours used by Turkey were that of the traditional ochre red, yellow, brown, black and white. These colours were encouraged by Geoffrey Bardon who wanted him and the other men to be influenced as much as they could by their own western methods.


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