Country SP7569-Colleen Morton Kngwarreye

Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 30cm
Year Painted


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Country SP7569-Colleen Morton Kngwarreye

Colleen paints her country, Ampilatwatja. All of Colleen's Dreamtime stories belong to her country. Awelye (Women's Ceremonies) are performed by Colleen and the aboriginal women of her country to demonstrate respect for their country and the total well-being and health of their community. Designs are painted onto their bodies, the women sing and dance and stir up the dust as they perform the awelye for their country. Country is very important.

Colleen also paints bush medicine plants. There are different types of bush medicine in the Central Desert. In the 'olden days' the leaves and the seeds of this plant were gathered, ground and mixed with animal fat (today a commercial oil is used) and it is then used as an ointment, or boiled in water for medicinal use.

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Located at
Mbantua Alice Gallery (MGA)