Wild Flowers SP7417-Sacha Long Petyarre

Acrylic on Canvas
Year Painted


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Wild Flowers SP7417-Sacha Long Petyarre

In this painting Sacha represents wild flowers growing in Utopia. There are many different varieties of wild flowers, known as Alpeyt, including many with medicinal properties or sweet honey used to make a sweet drink.

Born: 1990 Language Group: Alyawarre Country: Atnangkere , Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Subjects: Wild Flowers, Arnkerrthe (Mountain Devil Lizard) Sacha approached Mbantua Gallery during a painting trip to the Utopia Region in 2005, wanting painting materials. After this time, she was enthusiastic to have joined the other women in such a community affair, full of inspiration. Sacha is the daughter of artist Marcia Turner and younger sister to Rosabella who also paint for Mbantua Gallery. Sacha and Rosabella both paint the Dreamtime story of the Arnkerrthe which has been passed down from their father's country, Atnangkere. Arnkerrthe travelled over Sacha's land creating all of the people, sacred sites, songs and other Dreamtime stories. In its neck it holds a sac of ochre that Sacha and her people use for ceremonies. Although this story is passed down to her by her father, her painting style is influenced by her mother and also her extended family which include the likes of artists, Jennifer, Judy, Maureen and Jedda Purvis who all paint in an array of beautiful, bold colours and soft brushstrokes. Another popular subject known to Sacha and her sister is wild flowers, which they depict with beauty and precision. Collections Mbantua Gallery Permanent Collection, Alice Springs
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