Sandy Hunter Petyarre

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Born: 1953

Language Group: Alywarre

Country: Arawerre (Soapy Bore), Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Linen

Subjects: Country, Sugarbag, Witchetty Grub, Caterpillar, Men's Ceremony

Sandy has been painting for quite a long time and is respected for the minute dots, applied with a stick (skewer) often taking weeks to complete.

From a family of artists, Sandy's mother is Molly Pwerle and his sisters are Jessie, Annie and Susan. They are all renowned artists. Often their whole painting will consist of patterns of individual fine dots, reflecting their story and Arawerre country. They also paint stories associated with Atnwengerrp and Irrweltye, their mother's country.


Mbantua Gallery Permanent Collection, Alice Springs