Aboriginal Artist Raymond Reiff Pwerle

Raymond Reiff Pwerle

Born: 1977

Language Group: Eastern Arrente/Akitjerre

Country: Arlparra, Utopia Region (Father's) and Arkerrte, Harts Range (Mother's)

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Boomerangs

Subjects: Emu, Kangaroo, Euro, Rainmakers of Arkerrte, Boomerang Dreaming

Raymond started painting in 2009. He watched his uncle, old man Billy Benn, aunty Gladys Kemarre (dec) and his family from Angkula and Mulga Bore painting, then developed his own style. The first time Mbantua Gallery received a painting from Raymond was April 2017.

Raymond grew up at Harts Range, his mother's country. Raymond lives between Alice Springs, Harts Range, Gemtree and Utopia with his wife and children.