Rose-Marie Stirling Golder Nungala

Rose-Marie Stirling Golder Nungala

Rose-Marie Stirling Golder Nungala

Born: 1956

Language Group: Arrernte (Aranda)

Country: Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Subjects: Women Dancing, Bush Tucker

Rose-Marie grew up at Stirling Station in the Northern Territory. She started painting when she was in her thirties. She has three brothers, one sister, one son and two daughters. Her sister is Margaret Davis (same father) who had been painting for Mbantua Gallery for a long time.
Rose-Marie started painting for Mbantua Gallery in March 2023. She called us and said 'I'd like to show you my paintings. I love painting.' The next day, she brought her paintings to our warehouse.
Rose-Marie received the story of 'Women Dancing' from her family members (female) and she developed her own style. She also paints a variety of bush tucker such as honey ant, witchetty grub, bush banana and bush orange.