Women Collecting Imuna (Bush Food) MB054392-Tanya Price Nangala

Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 90cm
Year Painted


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Women Collecting Imuna (Bush Food) MB054392-Tanya Price Nangala

Tanya paints women collecting bush food. Often featured are Anaty (bush potatoes), Arlatyeye (Pencil Yam) bush bananas (dried), bush oranges, bush tomatoes, bush onions, bush limes and bush lemons.

Tanya illustrates the women collecting these bush foods. They carry with them their digging sticks and coolamons (carved wooden bowls) which are typical instruments used for collecting many bush foods. Concentric circles represent waterholes.

The linear designs represent the Awelye (ceremonial body paint designs). These designs are painted onto the chest, breasts, arms and thighs of the women. Powders ground from ochre (clays), charcoal and ash are used as body paint and applied with a flat stick with soft padding. The women sing the songs associated with their Awelye as each woman takes her turn to be 'painted-up'. Women perform Awelye ceremonies to demonstrate respect for their country and the total well-being and health of their community. Red ochre and white are the true colours that are used for Tanya's ceremonies.
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Located at
Mbantua Alice Gallery