Tyankern (Mulga Berries) Dreaming MB053413-Tanya Bird Mpetyane

Acrylic on Canvas
150 x 90cm
Year Painted

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Tyankern (Mulga Berries) Dreaming MB053413-Tanya Bird Mpetyane

Tanya paints the story of the Tyankern (Mulga Berries). This is a very important story for Tanya that belongs to her country, Ilkawerne. This story, its songs, dances and symbols have been passed down to Tanya from her ancestors. The tyankern is a sweet edible berry that belongs to a type of mistletoe (Lysiana spp.) found growing on the mulga tree. In the Dreamtime these two plants are one.

Dot work in this painting symbolizes the different colours that the tyankern go through during maturity. Women, represented by the 'U' motifs, are collecting the tyankern. They carry with them their digging sticks and coolamons (carved wooden bowls) which are typical instruments used for collecting many bush foods. Tanya also paints the flowers of tyankern.
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Located at
Mbantua Darwin Gallery