Apeng (Kurrajong Flower) Dreaming MB052430-Katie Kemarre

Acrylic on Canvas
90 x 90cm

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MB052430-Katie Kemarre

The fine designs in this painting represent the delicate flowers that can be seen covering the apeng in the summer after rain. Apeng is the Alyawarre word for the desert kurrajong tree (brachychiton gregorii). There is an ancient Dreamtime story belonging to apeng and its seed, ngkweyang, which lies in the heart of Alyawarre land in Katie's country, Antarrengeny, north east of Alice Springs. Ngkweyang is an important and nutritious food source. Not a habitual practice now, the Aboriginal people would collect these seeds, burn them to remove small hairs, and grind them into a paste for making damper (bread).


Located at Mbantua Alice Gallery

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