Merne Altwerr (Split-Jack) MB032126-Mary Morton Kemarre

Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 120cm
Year Painted


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Merne Altwerr (Split-Jack) MB032126-Mary Morton Kemarre

In this painting, Mary depicts the Altwerr, the split-jack plant (Capparis lasiantha). Merne is the Alyawarr word for food.

Along with other women of Antarrengeny country, Mary performs ceremonies in relation to the story of the Altwerr plant and collecting its seeds. The seeds of the Altwerr plant were once collected, ground and used to make bread. This practice is not habitual now due to ready made bread, however the story of collecting it is passed on to new generations. Mary recalls good memories of practicing this when she was younger.
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Located at
Mbantua Alice Gallery