Laura Payne Ngale


Born: 1983

Language Group: Anmatyerre

Country: Ilkawerne, Utopia Region, North East of Alice Springs

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Wood Carving

Subjects: Ngwerlp (Wild Tobacco), Alpar (Rat-tail Plant) Seed, Country

Considered a young Utopia artist, Laura has been painting since she was 19 years old and paints the traditional stories belonging to her country, Ilkawerne. Two main stories are the Ngkwerlp (Wild Tobacco) and the Alpar (Rat-tail plant seed) where Laura usually depicts these through fine dot work and traditional symbols when representing women collecting them. Laura loves using different colours for her paintings just like her sisters Bronwyn and Violet who paint a similar style. Laura's mother, Doreen Payne, and father, Harold Payne, are also artists, so it is no surprise that Laura began to paint at an early age and enjoys the social environment in doing so.

Laura resides in the Utopia region with her husband, son and family, after spending a couple of years in Alice Springs being schooled at Yirara College.

Laura also enjoys dabbling in crude wooden carving and stringing various native seeds together to make necklaces.


Mbantua Gallery Permanent Collection, Alice Springs