Elsie Dixon Penangke


Born: c.1945

Language Group: Eastern Arrernte

Country: Atoola (Bushy Park), North East of Alice Springs

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Linen

Subjects: Awelye (Women's Ceremony), Amerne Akatyerre (Desert Raisin, Wild Sultana or Bush Tomato), Bush Foods, Country, Hunting Scenes

Elsie has been painting for Mbantua Gallery since August 2000 and comes from a large family of artists. Her style reflects the unique works of her family. Her two sisters, Lorna Purvis Penangke and Maggie Dixon Penangke, her son Henry Dixon Kemarre, and her daughters Thelma, Elizabeth, Dianne and Maureen Dixon Kemarre, all paint for Mbantua Gallery also. Elsie is married to Walter Dixon Pwerle who is a senior aboriginal man. Their community has long been a place of close family relations and support.

Elsie's style is more commonly influenced by the designs of her Awelye (women's ceremony and body paint) and the Akatyerre story belonging to her country, Atoola (Bushy Park).


Mbantua Gallery Permanent Collection, Alice Springs


2000 Mbantua Gallery, Alice Springs, NT, Australia
2002 Mbantua Gallery USA exhibitions: Art and Soul Gallery, Nashville TN; 'The Cove Gallery' Portland OR; Urban Wine Works, Portland OR; Mary's Woods, Portland OR; New City Merchants, Knoxville, TN
2003 Mbantua Gallery USA exhibitions: Art and Soul Gallery, Nashville, TN; 'The Cove Gallery' Portland, OR; Mary's Woods, Portland, OR; New City Merchants, Knoxville, TN
2004 Mbantua Gallery USA exhibitions: Nashville and Greenwich